MashUp Machine creates next-generation entertainment experiences powered by machine learning and crowd creativity. We enable users to engage with their favorite stories, add to the storyworld, and explore new content socially.

We gamify the creation and sharing of stories. We empower users to control and customize their entertainment experiences.

Our mission: to meet the needs of both next-generation consumers and the content owners who wish to engage them.


AI-Assisted Collaborative Storytelling

Empowers audience to create, collaborate and share animated shorts on social media. Our AI learns from every story on the system. It also gamifies interaction, creation and engagement.

Choose Your Own Adventure V2

Deepen immersion by connecting all the stories in the cloud, enabling audiences to explore thousands of new paths through the story.

Adaptive Storyworlds

The ultimate audience engagement platform, where users can be any character and control story outcomes in this highly-adaptive and immersive cinematic world powered by machine learning.